Building Brand Value

At brandigital, we believe the highest priority of digital marketing is building your brand's value.

We need to start that process by deeply understanding your brand, within the context of its community of customers and its competitors. And that's why we insist on beginning our relationship with each new client by performing an in-depth brand investigation.

We deliver a report—usually within four weeks—that profiles your customers and competitors, and provides a key Strategic Insight that points the way forward to the growth and success of your brand.

It includes three core elements:

  1. Review
  2. Insight
  3. Strategic Execution

We call it, simply, your RISE (Review, Insight and Strategic Execution) Plan.

The best news is that we credit-back the value of your RISE Plan when you sign a one-year contract for any of our Monthly Service Offering plans*.

The value of a standard** RISE Plan is $4,000 Cdn. Sign up for one year and it's FREE!*

1. Review

Our review of your brand goes into much more depth than those offers you've probably seen of free and instant digital marketing scorecards.

For starters, we actually conduct one-on-one interviews (by phone or email) with real people who are stakeholders in your brand community.

We believe it's important to hear directly from key stakeholders, to find out how they feel about—and speak about—your brand.

What we do:
  • Up to four stakeholder interviews
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Traffic analysis and SEO audit of your website
  • Analysis of your online social presence
  • Review of your current SEM (paid) activities
  • Review of your sales channels

2. Insight

In the second phase of the process we interpret the data to learn how your business is performing in the eyes of your customers.

What we look at:
  • Positioning (vis-a-vis competitors)
  • Positive and negative perceptions
  • Strengths, weaknesses and differentiators
  • Industry trends / Factors affecting your overall category

3. Strategic Execution

The results from the discovery phase and interpretation phase can now guide the development and ongoing optimization of your digital media program. We identify challenges and align your offerings with the expectations of customers.

This is where many audit programs fall down. The discovery work is done, but the insight and implementation prove too complicated. At brandigital, we keep it simple for you by providing clear deliverables, and putting them into action in your Go Forward plan.

What we deliver:
  • A clear action plan, with goals and targets

Why you need a professional organization for this

An in-depth brand review is not a DIY activity, because it's difficult if not impossible to eliminate your own bias. Your initial framework could be biased from the start. Also the questions for stakeholders and the analysis that springs from them are likely to reflect your built-in bias, and that means the actionable insights could be off-target.

As a professional organization, brandigital offers:

  • Experience (especially in setting up the framework and questions)
  • Objectivity
  • Passion
  • A track record and reputation we're proud to uphold

Ready to move forward? Call us now.

*For RISE Plan with brandigital duo, first four months must be paid in advance. With brandigital trio or trio+ social, first and last months of contract must be paid in advance. If preferred, your RISE Plan can be paid up-front at $4,000 without a contract, and credited-back if you choose—at any time within the following three months—to commit to a minimum one-year contract. Allow a minimum of 4 weeks for completion of your RISE Plan.
** Our standard RISE Plan is as described above. If desired, brandigital marketing can add custom features as quoted extras, based on discussions with individual clients. For further details on our standard plan or custom features, please call and talk to one of our Account Service Professionals.